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Westfield girls swimmers reflect on their experiences

Hailey Noirot

Guest Writer

May 28, 2024

Photo courtesy of WHS Swim 

Making Waves- Kate Cassidy (right) and Macy Brown (left) preparing at the wall for their next race during a competition.

From early mornings to late afternoons, the Westfield swim team is with each other almost every day. Some see their teammates and the pool more than their parents, which is why their sport and their team are big parts of their lives.

Junior Bridget Mick has swam with Westfield for six years, along with sophomore Kate Cassidy who has swam for ten years, and freshman Macy Brown who has swam with Westfield for almost three years, all speaking about their team experiences and love for the sport.

One thing all the girls with Westfield Swim can agree on is their love for not only the sport but also the team. 

Cassidy states that she does love her team, and they are always there when needed. She said in a recent interview, “They are just there, you can be in your head, and they are there to back you up, they are behind the blocks with you, getting you ready. I definitely would not be where I am without my teammates.” She really showed her love for the team.

Being a part of a team is one of the biggest things when playing a sport, they help through ups and downs, also when preparing for a competition when the energy is high, and there is a massive amount of stress, it can be hard. 

“I honestly don't get that nervous for races anymore," Mick said. "I think it's just because I do know that I always put my hardest effort into races so as long as I'm doing that I do not have any need to feel upset with my performance because I try my best so I don't ever get nervous anymore!”

Photo courtesy of WHS Swim 

Swimming to victory- Bridget Mick after getting her first state cut a sectional prelim.

At the beginning of the year, Mick and Brown started the season with injuries, causing a setback for both. Brown had a sprained arm, and Mick had a torn ACL and a back fracture. Mick and Brown stated that they learned more through their injuries.

“I was discouraged because I thought that, oh, I'm never going to get to the place I was previously, but it made me realize my love for the sport,” Mick said. “Being away from it for so long, I grew to love it more so now that I'm back I'm more focused on staying back in shape. If I get to the point I was previously that's great but I'm not the same person I was a year ago. I can't hold myself to the same standards so just changing my mindset about what success when I approach swimming has been helpful.” 

After Mick’s injury, she has now swam in IHSAA Girls Sectionals this past year, truly making her epic comeback.

After her first high school season, Brown emphasized that she loves being on a team and can’t imagine a season without them. 

“[My favorite part of the team is} all of my friends I made and how tight we are!” Brown said.

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