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Confidence is key

A gymnast’s story of patience, confidence, and love within her sport

Daniella Solares


December 7, 2022

Just a tumble away - Founder of WHS Gymnastics Molly Moskovitz (12) is joyous for the team’s very first season to begin.

Molly Moskovitz (12) has taken WHS by storm with her confidence and rekindled love of gymnastics.

The season is set to begin on Dec. 12. Moskovitz started the WHS Gymnastics team just this year after finding a new muse, although she’s known the sport ever since she could walk.

“I first got into gymnastics through my parents who owned a gymnastics school and were coaches, so I was almost raised in the sport and continued it on as I got older,” Moskovitz said.

While she’s met some of her best friends through the sport, Moskovitz recalls feeling a lot of mental and physical struggles that led to her temporary retirement five years ago.

“My journey has been lots of fun with achievements and meeting great friends but has also had struggles through injuries and mental blocks,” Moskovitz said.

Her journey with the sport has been long but rewarding. She, like her parents, is now a gymnastics coach and has found a new meaning in the sport.

“Being able to throw some tricks after my girls' practices were over made me fall in love with doing [gymnastics] myself again and want to create a team like some other schools in our area,” Moskovitz said.

The girls work hard at the gym, practicing new skills and getting better every day. Moskovitz described how their practices are organized.

“A typical day at practice would be a 5-minute run, group stretch, and warm up for about 15 minutes, then we do some basic form drills and skills to get our bodies moving,” Moskovitz said. “… the last one and a half hours we get to choose which event we would like to work on or which [event] the coach will assign us to and we will train, train, train until it is time for conditioning and then a final stretch before we head home.”

Leading the team makes Moskovitz feel confident in her abilities. She knows that what she's doing is hard work, and she’s proud of herself for it.

“My biggest inspiration is almost myself, the goals I make each day or week, and the validation after I work hard to achieve them,” Moskovitz said.

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