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The Super Bowl scoop

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Super Bowl Predictions and takeaways before the big game

Owen Wright

Staff Writer

February 9, 2023

The greatest show on turf - The Eagles and the Chiefs set off to compete for the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

As most of us know, Super Bowl LVII will be taking place this Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs are set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. After intense research, I have come to the conclusion that the winner will be the Philadelphia Eagles.

We have all heard the saying that defense wins championships, and I am a strong believer in that theory. In fact, according to ESPN, the teams that turned the ball over more in the Super Bowl have only won five times of the 56. According to ESPN, the Chiefs have the 22nd-best turnover ratio in the NFL has turned the ball over three more times than their opposition, while the Eagles have the third-best. Having gotten the ball eight more times may indicate that the Eagles will win the turnover battle and then the game.

Defense also isn’t just about turnovers; it is about stopping the offense from getting downfield. The Eagles have the second-best defense in the league when it comes to yards per game, According to CBS Sports. Only allowing 301.5, while the chiefs are 11th in that category, respectively. Talking about yards, people may argue that since the chiefs lead the NFL in yards per game they will outscore the Eagles easily. However, the Eagles are third in that category as well, so there is not much difference.

If the defense didn’t prove my point, the offense will. This year's Super Bowl quarterback matchup will be the best in years. Both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are the front runners for MVP. Although I think Mahomes is a better player, I still believe Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can get it done purely based on his weapons.

What weapons? You may ask, but the Eagles are stacked with talent, such as their two star wide receivers AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith to go along with one of the best running backs in the league, Miles Sanders. The Eagles' offense also features Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, two of the best linemen in football to protect Jalen Hurts.

Through this evidence that I have presented, I believe that the Eagles will have no problem beating the Chiefs, giving them their second Super Bowl in six years. When I am sitting on my couch watching the game, I expect everything that I have stated to be on show Sunday evening.


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