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Team bonding, leadership, and hard work bring out the best in Girls Golf

Daniella Solares


October 25, 2022

Photo courtesy of @LadyRocksGolf on Twitter

Embracing the moment - Pictured left to right, Lilley Ku (9), Sadie Edwards (10), Kelsey Haverluck (9), Claire Thompson (12), Allie McKeown (12), Samantha Brown (11), Addi Koi (10), Samantha Lemieux (11), Anna McKeown (10), Sophie Thompson (11), and Addison Crosby (11) capture their successful performance at the State Finals.

Westfield Girls Golf finished seventh overall at the IHSAA State Finals on October 1, 2022 thanks to their incredible leadership and team culture.

The State Finals began on Friday, September 30 where they played their first round at 8:30. Their second round began at 8:48 the following Saturday morning.

Claire Thompson (12), who led the first round of state finals on Friday, talked about the meaning of an encouraging team environment.

“As a senior, the biggest thing I’ve taken away is that creating a team environment is really important [for] creating relationships to building a new program for future teams,” Claire Thompson said.

Claire Thompson and Allie McKeown (12) each received a Senior Award of Excellence, respectively. Kelsey Haverluck (9) talked about their leadership.

“Claire Thompson is the most positive person and so supportive always,” Haverluck said. “Allie McKeown… has been my neighbor for almost five years. I loved being on the team with her and she was always there with a hug, whether it was a good or bad day.”

While building an encouraging team culture goes a long way, there is no doubt that these girls put the work in. Claire Thompson talked about their workouts.

“A normal practice day is usually going out and playing nine holes and working on specific things that need to be worked on,” Claire Thompson said.

With this, improvement has been seen in many players. Sophie Thompson (11) has seen great improvement since her freshman year. Her training is consistent, and her mental game has never been better.

“One major trick that I do mentally to help me while playing is playing with short-term memory,” Sophie Thompson said. “So if I have a bad hole, moving on from it and thinking how I can improve for the next one.”

Additionally, the lady rocks like to have fun outside of practice. They go mini-golfing, bowling, or just hang out at someone’s house. Sadie Edwards (10) says her favorite part about the team is the team bonding.

“It even brings us closer in relationships with each other because we are so used to seeing each other in a golf setting, that it is nice to spend time out of competition scenery,” Edwards said.

Westfield Girls Golf has truly built relationships that will last outside of the sport. With these friendships, they will also take valuable lessons.

“Something [golf] has taught me is making the most of every situation and to never stop trying your best,” Haverluck said.

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