STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: IndyStar Athlete of the Week

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

by BEN RICHARDSON - Tennis star Harrison Sindelar (12) discusses his recent win in a statewide competition.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Sep. 18, 2019) - Westfield’s own Harrison Sindelar (12) earned the title of IndyStar Athlete of the Week. It was a highly contested poll via the news publisher's website, but the community rallied behind its tennis star to put him over the edge. Nominee finalists will be invited to the fourth-annual IndyStar Sports Awards, May 5 at Butler's Clowes Memorial Hall.

Q: What were your first thoughts to being nominated?

A: I thought the result was amazing. I would like to thank everyone who voted, and thank my parents for helping me out.

Q: Who nominated you?

A: Evan Cummings (9) nominated me.

Q: How intense was the online voting?

A: It was close. I was winning, but at one point a guy from Brebeuf was beating me by a lot, but I came back. My opponents were from Brebeuf, Greenfield Central, and Martinsville--all over Indiana. I used Instagram, Facebook, and I was thankful for a Westfield group chat on Facebook that posted the page and helped me win.

Q: Do you remember your best moments from the season so far?

A:My favorite moment is whenever I hit a really nice dropshot, or when I come back after losing a set and I come back and beat the kid.

Q: What lessons have you learned from tennis? How has it helped you grow?

A: Tennis has helped me grow more mentally than I think physically, because ment