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Spare Time

by ALEX PIROWSKI - After ten years, Bowling Club has resurfaced among Westfield High School’s range of extracurriculars.

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (Oct. 2019) - Many new clubs have emerged this year, including Bowling Club. Its members meet every week at Bowl 32 in Noblesville in order to bowl and socialize.

“It’s really fun,” Kendall Krawczyk (9) said. “Bowling is a different sport. Because you’re in lanes with other people, you’re kind of forced to interact with others, so it’s pushing you to get out there and be more social. Compared to other sports I’ve played, bowling is just very enjoyable to do.”

Like Krawczyk, other members noticed a difference between Bowling Club and Westfield’s other athletic programs and clubs.

“I play softball, and Bowling Club is competitive but is also a time to have fun and meet new people,” Lexi Martin (12) said. “I’m a part of other clubs like Dance Marathon where we help others, but here, I feel like we help each other, in a sense. As a senior in this club, I’m trying to be here for everyone, and I’m trying to show some leadership.”

The club has proven helpful in improving members’ bowling skills.

“I’ve actually improved a lot,” Jon Sadoway (11) said. “Now I know the correct form, how to curve the ball to get a strike, just better techniques. I didn’t really think I was going to improve so much.”

Sadoway wasn’t the only member who has noticed personal improvement.

“I’m getting better at bowling and I’m meeting new people,” Jack Behler (9) said. “Bowling Club has been great. I’ve gotten a lot better scores than before. I’ve [now] set a goal to reach a score of 200.”

Members of Bowling Club got the experience of working with their own coaches, Mr. Hal Smith and Ms. Keagan Trexler.

“I like having a coach because there’s someone to guide me and help me reach my goals,” Alyssa Fernund (10) said. “Before I joined, I would just bowl for fun, so this club has really helped me get down the fundamentals of bowling and improve.”

Martin shared Fernund’s view on the club’s coaches and their impact.

“Through Bowling Club, I hope to become a 200 plus [scoring] bowler,” Martin said. “With everyone here, I know I can do it. Having a coach here will definitely help me reach my goal.”

In addition to coaches, Bowling Club was able to provide its members with a location at Noblesville’s Bowl 32.

“Bowl 32 has been very kind,” Club sponsor Mrs. Amanda Gibson said. “Their general manager is very supportive of youth bowling. We use this space for free. Bowl 32 offers shoes for free. Everything is free for Bowling Club, and we have not had any problems. They have been so accommodating.”

Bowl 32’s support for Bowling Club has allowed some students to bowl more than they had previously been able to.

“Bowling usually costs a lot of money, and I would usually only do it twice a year,” Sierra Cain (11) said. “But now I’m able to bowl more often through this club. I kind of know how to bowl, which makes me a lot better than before.”

The fact that Bowl 32 is within close proximity to Westfield High School also makes the club more accessible.

“Bowl 32 is closer to Westfield, so it helps more Westfield kids participate in the club,” Cody Gibson (9) said. “Meeting some other students here has certainly made me realize that high school should be fun.”

Bowling Club’s accessibility and inclusivity have been strong influencers in gaining new students.

“The fact that this club is open to kids with disabilities really made me want to join,” Millie Hinkle (10) said. “Here you’re having a good time with them, but during the school day you’re not really around them. Just the interaction is fun.”

Bowling is a sport that anyone and everyone can participate in, a key aspect that was important to Bowling Club and its sponsor.

“It would be great if we could gain more awareness [for Bowling Club] because bowling is a sport that so many are capable of,” Mrs. Gibson said. “We have a few students in our club who have disabilities, and it’s a way for them to interact with others. I’m very proud of that. I want Bowling Club to be a place that feels like home, where people aren’t excluded.”


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