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Lego Club becomes a hit for WHS students

Litzy Castro

Guest Writer

May 20, 2024

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME - Elizabeth Buckner builds a police car during a Lego Club meeting.

Ruth Milfort founded an admired club at WHS and granted students the opportunity to express their imagination during CORE sessions every Thursday.

In late junior March Milfort decided to start her own club. With the help of a teacher, Milfort is able to take this plan into action. Mr. Jared Snow became the sponsor for Lego Club. It instantly becomes a hit and every meeting fills up within minutes. 

“During helping hands I went to the elementary school and they had a Lego club and it made me think of how the high school should have a Lego club, " Milfort said. “Legos are fun and this club is a safe space where students can just act like kids, have fun, and hang out.”

Many members agree that the 35-minute meetings are times when they can come to relax and not have to worry about schoolwork.  As the school year comes to an end, students want to spend as much time as possible creating memories with their friends. They want their experience in school to be memorable, so when they look back on it they only remember the good. This club does exactly that. It joins many together and can even create new friendships. 

“When I asked her (Milfort) about the club, she described the club as a really good and fun thing to join, '' sophomore Brianndy Santana said. She also said that she isn’t an experienced builder but the club committee was very welcoming to her and others who were similar. 

The club is very popular amongst students and their peers. However, students weren’t the only ones who were satisfied with the turnout of the club. The club has also been a hot topic in teachers' conversations as well.   Having a diverse club will get more people to talk about it. Hence the reason the club ended up surfacing to teachers. It all just depends on if the club serves an interest to a variety of students.

“This is one of the biggest clubs teachers ask me about,” club host Mr. Snow stated. “Teachers always ask me how I became the leader.”

In order for a club to be successful, it also has to be enjoyable. The idea of having a club where people just play the whole time may sound amusing to certain people. However, it does require people to be responsible. If there are people who just attend to monkey around, it may cause others to not want to join.

“Some people don’t come for the intended reasons,” Milfort explained. “They won’t clean up after themselves and that upsets me”.

However, this doesn't seem to be an issue. New members are still joining the club because they want to play with Legos. It fascinates many that they can just go in and act like a kid again.

“People still have that inner child in them and this club allows them to express it,” Milfort shared.

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