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Giving Designer Brands A Piece of My Mind

Louis Vuitton is OVERRATED!

Natalie Kishko

PR Team, Staff Writer

October 29, 2021

I spend most of my time reviewing past and current runway shows, online stores, and collections of all different types of designer fashion brands. Fashion is my most favorite type of art to look at and be mesmerized in the beauty of. While I do love and appreciate most collections from most designers, I have some strong opinions of the titles of different brands and the work that they have done.

First is Louis Vuitton. I have so much to say about Louis Vuitton that I could write an open letter to them. I can already attest that these opinions will be quite controversial due to the fact that a good amount of people interested in overpriced tacky accessories put Louis Vuitton on a pedestal. Just thinking about this makes me cringe.

To begin, what do we think of when we think of Louis Vuitton? For some, it’s their classic monogram with the interwoven “LV'' with their mix of patterns including diamonds, circles, and flowers. When I think of Louis Vuitton, I think of their tacky items. I can’t argue, because this can be said for Gucci (and other brands) as well, but when you think about it, what designer brand is first bought when someone earns enough money? It’s Louis Vuitton without a doubt. When I think of the brand, I think of how it is portrayed as a symbol of this so-called “status” and “money.” Louis Vuitton is simply worn and bought to show and prove that someone has money.

To prove this further, let’s say that someone bought the Neverfull tote bag

or the classic LV monogram belt, and duh!

Their excuse is that they like the quality of it. Well if the quality of this belt is so “nice” and it was a “practical” option, why did they choose to pay over $500 when there are much simpler, better, and cheaper options such as the Saint Laurent monogram belt that has a price tag of $375?

The same goes for the Neverfull. To continue comparing Louis Vuitton to Saint Laurent, the different options for the Neverfull start approximately around $1,600. It is also one of the most common bags that people buy duplicates of which raises the question, why buy a certain bag for so much money when people around you carry a knock-off that looks identical? I can’t argue that a large tote bag isn’t useful, but there are just so many other options that are better and much more practical. For example, the YSL Shopping Totes begin around $1,000 and come in simple colors and designs that can be worn for years until they finally fall apart.

Along with the unexplainable desire for overly monogrammed items that Louis Vuitton caters to those in need of a good flaunting, they have simply become much less of a luxury brand and more into fast, overconsuming, fashion. LV and other designer brands come out with new collections for their Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion shows but besides those, Louis Vuitton has begun releasing new bags and collections sporadically. What I’ve noticed from these collections is how impractical it is to invest in anything. These new bags that get released have such strange colorways and designs as if they are meant to stay in style for two months and then you have to move on to another new release. Shopping at Louis Vuitton is simply inefficient compared to other brands which specifically display clothes and accessories that are made for the long run.

Another issue I have noticed which correlates to the constant new releases is the infiltration of a new “It Bag.” An “It Bag” is simply a bag that has been released and sent to many influencers who promote this bag and the brand as well. I noticed that last spring the Louis Vuitton Embossed Monogram Coussin bag came out and suddenly, it was on literally every single influencer imaginable.

I understand the importance of promoting something new and exciting, but scrolling through Instagram and seeing it everywhere made me sick of it, instead of being mesmerized by it and feeling the need to get it. Within a span of six months or so, there have been several “It Bags” out by Louis Vuitton which have risen in popularity so much that they get old so quickly, therefore becoming fads in the luxury industry.

While I have been hating on Louis Vuitton for a while now, I can’t lie that this doesn’t happen with other luxury brands as well. But this has been a recurring problem that seems like it won’t be ending anytime soon. Due to these issues I have with the brand and so much more that I could go into, I simply will never be the person to like or buy anything from Louis Vuitton.

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