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Zater - Installment One

By AIDAN McCLELLAND, May 10, 2022

22 DECEMBER 2135

The first of the Hades missions has just begun. The Hades I crew of six was made up of the finest astronauts from around the world. If my calculations are correct, they should be arriving at their destination in approximately 62 days. This time would be much, much longer if it weren’t for the new discoveries about how to control quantum teleportation.

Before I carry on, I should go over what has led us to this upcoming historical moment.

My creators built me in 2108 for one main purpose: helping physicists calculate and better understand quantum entanglement. After analyzing all the studies and experiments conducted (some of which date back to the 1960s), I was able to better understand how quantum teleportation could be used on a much larger scale. By 2115, I had helped develop the first teleporter that was capable of safely transporting humans from one location to another. The teleporters used second-generation entanglement. This means that the environment was very artificial, to say the least. Everything had to be perfect. I won’t be discussing any more technical details, as that is a part of another entry log (21 July 2113).

By 2126, the teleporters being used were much more

sophisticated. They were much safer and more adaptable to nearly any environment. My creators had started teleporting larger objects, such as trucks and even small planes. Everything had worked perfectly. Animals were put in these vehicles and were safely returned on the other side. Human trials also went surprisingly smoothly, with very few incidents.

In 2127, many humans wondered if it was possible to have these teleporters put on other planets (or space stations orbiting some planets). Many argued it would be far too expensive to fund it. Others argued it was worth any cost now to lower costs in the future. If they could perfect this teleportation, future traveling would not require expensive rockets and fuel. At this point, my job was changing. I was instructed to assist in making the teleporters compatible on other planets.

By the end of 2127, several rockets, each with a crew of six, had been sent to Mars to construct a teleporter that was entangled with a teleporter on Earth. Put simply, this entanglement meant that whatever went through the teleporter on Earth would come out on Mars in theory). After two full years of cautious testing, it was determined to be safe. As 2130 began, some people wanted to travel to more planets or even other solar systems. This was because teleportation made travel so easy that people were eager to explore more of our universe. Teleporters were set up on every planet (or space stations orbiting the planets) in this solar system by 2134.

Jumping to the present, Earth is sending its first crew outside of this solar system. It is also worth noting that they aren’t going out there blind. Space probes and telescopes had been sent out many years ago and had detected another planet just outside this solar system. Of course, “just outside” the solar system still means a very long distance away. Interestingly, no signs of life were found.

The astronauts going on this journey started by simply teleporting from one planet to another until they got to the “edge” of our solar system, and in this case, the “edge” was Neptune. A very unique rocket was made for this mission. This is by far the largest and most durable rocket ever created by humans. Massive solar panels cover the outsides of the rocket. However, as the rocket gets further from this solar system’s star, the solar panels will not be absorbing as much power from the sun. So, I was tasked with finding a way to fix this. Eventually, a solution was found. Once again, the details will be in another report log.

Now, we wait and see how the Hades I crew will handle this unprecedented task.

23 FEBRUARY 2136

It was just announced that Hades I has arrived at the foreign planet. Now, all of Earth waits to see what comes next. A few weeks ago, this new planet was given a name: Zater. I will be referring to this planet as that from now on. Although it is very early in their quest, the Hades I crew has not found anything of significance. More updates should come soon.

1 MARCH 2136

Nothing of importance has happened since the last entry until this morning. The crew woke up to find one member missing. They searched everywhere around their station and found nothing.

I did not think it was a good idea for them to sleep on the foreign planet’s surface. I calculated a high probability of error, although I wasn’t sure if it would be weather, a native species, or another factor. However, I am just an AI robot. I have no real power over what happens to that crew. I am a resource, a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

People on Earth are forming all kinds of theories about what happened. Many of these theories include a foreign species. I will update this log when more information is discovered.

5 MARCH 2136

The missing crew member was found, although it is not the good news it first seemed. The astronaut was found dead in what appeared to be a brutal attack. It was beginning to seem more likely that some predatory creature was the cause of this tragedy. Many of the same groups that formed their own theories just days before started coining the term “Zaterian” for the potentially new species.

After finding their dead crew member, the astronauts were shaken to their core. Some of them wanted to go home, while others still wanted to learn more about Zater.

7 MARCH 2136

There was another attack from the Zaterians. This time, all of the astronauts got a good look at them.

The Zaterians came at night. They were incredibly stealthy for their size. The astronauts said that the Zaterians were “7 to 9-foot tall lizards with huge claws and would constantly produce a low growl.”

According to the reports of the remaining crew, one astronaut was packing up the last of their equipment outside of the temporary living quarters. The crew inside heard some commotion, put on their suits, and went to investigate.

Outside, they saw a Zaterian holding up their crewmate. The creature saw the others come out and slammed the man on the ground. The astronaut’s helmet cracked, and he began losing oxygen rapidly. The Zaterian leaned over and slashed at the astronaut with its massive claws. The foreign being moved on to another astronaut without doing anything with its first victim, implying it was not killing for food. This species was killing just to kill, making these creatures even more dangerous.

The astronauts quickly realized they could not match the strength of this species, so they tried to run. Soon, another Zaterian showed up and started chasing the astronauts. Apparently, the Zaterians ran quadrupedally but would walk around bipedally when they were attacking their prey.

After some time of running, two astronauts briefly got away from the creatures. They found a place to hide and sat in silence. They thought about trying to return to their station to contact help, but their fear paralyzed them. After many painful hours of terrifying roars and Zaterians running past them, the astronauts cautiously left their hiding place. They carefully returned to their station and made contact with Earth. The survivors were given strict orders to go straight back to their rocket in orbit, to which they had no objections. Thankfully, these lucky humans were able to safely return to their rocket and await further instruction.

10 MARCH 2136

The two remaining astronauts from Hades I were instructed to return to the Neptune space station immediately. As they prepared to leave, an odd-looking ship came from the surface of Zater. Believing it was the Zaterians coming to finish them off, the astronauts hastily took off towards the Neptune space station. The Zaterians, however, did not return to the surface. The Zaterians pursued the Hades I ship.

As of now, the astronauts are not liking their odds of survival. With two months left of traveling, they do not like being alone out there with those creatures chasing them.

8 MAY 2136

The Hades I crew should be arriving at the Neptune space station within the next few days. The Zaterians are still in pursuit but have not caused any more harm to the Hades I rocket. According to the astronauts, the Zaterians have simply followed them quietly.

Nations from all over the Earth have come together to form a formidable military on Neptune’s space station, preparing for the worst. Once again, all of Earth is now waiting at the edge of their seats.

11 MAY 2136

The Hades I crew has returned safely. Unfortunately, the Zaterians landed along with the astronauts.

As mentioned in the previous entry, a powerful military awaited the arrival of the aliens. The aliens never came out of their ship; however, they sent some sort of broadcast to every electronic device in the solar system. The message was sent in an unknown language, then it was sent again in every human language. It roughly translates to the following: “DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM AGAIN OR WE WILL RETURN WITH AN ARMY. THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY WARNING.”

People from all countries on Earth panicked. More theorists believed this was how the world was going to end. Leaders of various nations met and argued about how they should handle this situation.

The Zaterians delivered their message, then left. Now Earth is falling into pure chaos.

I predict my next job will be designing military-grade weapons and robotic soldiers for the potential war. Until then, I suppose my creators will have me continue improving on teleportation technologies.

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