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Painted Green

Harrison Gapinski Coon - May 7th, 2024

- Environmental Club Creative Writing Contest Winner!

Artwork by Nico Sproule

Concrete beneath a painted lawn,

The sun, the sky, and stars are gone.

Your next destructive luxury,

Your gilded eyes aren’t meant to see.

You shout, and scream, and rip, and tear.

“We’ll be dead, so we don’t care!”

You think it’s nature you can best,

Man’s next avaricious quest.

You lie to us and say we’re wrong,

That we’re the problem all along.

Hearts oil black, you’ll never learn,

Until our common Mother burns.

Our lives and homes are painted green.

You hope that we will not have seen,

How you keep us in these golden chains,

As our planet's lifespan wanes.

Concrete beneath a painted lawn

Because of you, our lives are gone.

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