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Valentine Schmalentine

February 14, 2023

I hate this time of year.

People parading around with their dears

while others spend time in tears.

I hate this Hallmark holiday.

I hate the cringey cards

and terrible movies.

I despise the red treats,

and how hearts beat.

Maybe I am the grinch of Valentine--

no one destined to be mine.

I sit on my mountain of snow

and look below--

disgust in my gut,

the doors to my heart shut.

I hate confessions of love,

especially the flying doves.

I gag at the extensive kisses and hugs.

Are others not bugged?

I glance at her,

then back to those cliché couples.

Just for a moment,

a singular moment,

my heart skips a beat.

I hate this time of year.

But I do not hate my dear.

I will not spend time in tears.

Instead I find myself

buying those dumb, cringey cards, and

the overly expensive chocolate bars.

I buy the roses

with scents filling noses.

I buy the sugary treats

and my face heats

as my "I love you's" repeat.

Although I hate this day,

this fairytale,

this celebration,

through and through,

I can never

will never

hate you.

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