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A Noble Flower

March 21, 2024

Artwork - "In Bloom" by Rae Campbell

Among a field of lilies and roses,

A dandelion sunk its head in defeat.

Bees land atop each petal,

No matter the color.

Humans mostly pick and prod away at the thorny rosebushes,

Their fingers rarely reach for sunny-shaded petals.

Finches and sparrows perused the greenery,

They recognize the significance of the dandelion scenery.

Pecking at each golden leaf,

And moving on.

When the wind picked up, the finches and rabbits scattered,

But the dandelions battled the weather,

Flapping in the breeze like a flag at half-mast.

Each flower shut its eyes,

And wished to be placed in a vase,

Or pressed into a book,

Or made into a flower crown.

If the wind was much too strong,

A flower would surrender to the powerful blowing.

Gusts and predators were indifferent.

Reaching, reaching, reaching for the petals,

Only to help themselves.

In beauty and necessity,

Dandelions serve many.

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