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Thursday Night Live Photoblast

Updated: Mar 20, 2020


Julie Hoffman (12) jams out to “Fight for your Right” by The Beastie Boys.

Anya Burke (12) wins with “Don’t Forget Me” from SMASH.

KC Burge (11) and her brother Griffon Burge (12) sing a hilarious, yet powerful, duet together.

Connor Housefield (11) hoverboards across the stage bringing a great deal of comedic relief.

Maggie Senter (12) plays an angelic bass for The Black Hats.

Makayla Merrill (12) rocks a red guitar for The Black Hats.

Katie Manbeck (12) produces the beats and is the lead singer of The Black Hats.

Mallory Cooper (11) puts a tranquil feeling over the crowd with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Jacob Poynts (11) kicks his performance off with a smooth vibe, sitting on the stairs.

Jacob Poynts (11) on trumpet and Gavin Phares (11) on Bari sax jam out with one another.

Max Degnan (11) and Nick Harmeyer (12) both steal their show with tenor sax.

Griffon Burge (12) shows off his second instrument of the night, the first being his voice, on tuba.

Nick Harmeyer (12) adds everything he has into his performance for Just Some Dudes.

Liam Gallagher (12) from Cathedral High School adds to Westfield’s TNL with a performance on the guitar.

Duncan Kane (12) shows his second talent on drums after playing the piano for Just Some Dudes and various other acts throughout the night.

Elizabeth Enderle (12) sings a beautiful rendition of “The Impossible Dream.”

Erin Clark (12) plays the piano for Elizabeth’s performance.

KC Burge (11) emotionally sings “I Didn’t Plan It” from The Waitress.

Greg Gerardot (10) shows off his undeniable talent by juggling while balancing on a carrom balance board.

Samantha Lewis (12) kills her performance at her last TNL with “A Way Back to Then.”

Elijah Windle (11) most literally rocks out during his guitar solo.

Samantha England (12) mesmerizes the crowd with her rendition of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.

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