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The Sounds of Her Room

Hallie Seasor - September 7, 2023

Artwork by - Rozanne Lorenzana

Beep beep beep

She hears the faint sound of her alarm clock

6:45, she thinks, I have time

Snoozing the insistent noise, she drifts back to sleep

Beep beep beep

Exactly nine minutes later, she hears it again

Lying awake in the warmth of her bed, dreading the day she has ahead,

she mutes her alarm again and falls back into her slumber

Beep beep beep

Nine minutes later, yet again

She groans, rolling over to silence the noise

Rising from her bed, she takes in the darkness of her room

Hum hum hum

Her fan whirs as it blows cold air in her face, waking her up

She walks across her room, shuts off her fan, and turns on her lights—

beginning her day like every other day, with the sounds of her room

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