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The Second Coming of Your New Year’s Resolution

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

by ANISSA WEBER - December 4, 2020

It’s the second coming of your New Year’s Resolution.

This time you really don’t have a reason not to do ‘em.

In January you really don’t have the motivation to get ‘em done,

but now they’re what you do for fun.

It’s either sit around bored all day,

or do something productive that makes you feel okay.

Instead of staring at all your screens,

tell yourself, “Go plant some greens.”

You look in your room —everything is too close—

It’s time to move that dresser you don’t use for clothes.

It’s time for rearranging, reorganizing, redoing,

so that it no longer looks as if you’re losing.

Don’t let yourself get lost in all of the days

that pass in such a blurry haze.

Your sense of self is something that’s worth

pushing and pushing to the ends of the Earth.

In this masked society,

where everyone is filled with anxiety,

it can be easy to lock yourself up in your home,

where you can be practically alone.

But you’ve been given a shot, a chance to restart.

Go fill it with music, with hard work, with art.

It’s the second coming of your New Year’s Resolution,

in this Self-Isolated Revolution.

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