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The new WHS library presents new opportunities for students

Ava Salsman

Staff Writer

November 21, 2023

Up-and-Coming. The new library’s final product before the school year begins.

In the regular hustle-bustle of the learning center, a new feature sticks out. Though relatively small in size, the new WHS library is a noticeable addition to the school this year.

Library Manager Sarah Gibbs decided to assume responsibility, having started her work on it last spring. Gibbs quit her position as an English teacher to do so, devoting all of her time to the new library’s improvement

“I’ve been doing a lot of work over the summer to make the library available for this year,” Gibbs said. “I very much enjoy seeing the students utilizing their free time to come and visit.”

Along with opportunities to borrow books, the new library also presents more opportunities for students, including the ability to make visits in CORE time to read, relax, and unwind.

“I chose to go to the library during CORE, because one of the librarians is a teacher I have, and I thought it would be a good time there,” Freshman Claudia Southworth said. “What I really enjoyed was that you don’t have to be really into reading to go there, since the librarians provide games and other stuff to do. I played Mancala with my friend, and it was a really fun and relaxing experience.”

The new addition also brought a new club, the Library Committee. The committee was formed to help promote, organize, and improve the new space. Freshman Piper Schwingendorf, a member of the committee, felt the club was a great opportunity for her.

“I really enjoy being a part of the library committee,” Schwingendorf said. “The library is such a cozy and relaxing space, and I love having the chance to get involved with it, and make it better.”

The new library proved to host a safe and comforting space for all students. Junior Ava Gallego agrees.

“It’s just overall a really great opportunity for kids to go and relax during CORE or lunch.” She said. “Though it’s a small space, it’s an amazing addition to the school, and will still be in the future.”

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