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POEM: The Force of Us

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by MARGARET BARNETT - May 8, 2019

A washed-out film over my cobalt blue eyes,

The spark in my heart got too weary and died.

Flowers to dirt and sweet songs turned to cries-

If I am living, why don’t I feel alive?

They saw me as I saw myself in my mind.

They realized who I was and stepped out of line

Because a broken soul to them was a crime.

Where did they run to? Where did they hide?

But maybe I never was all alone;

Maybe my mind just lied to its own;

Maybe my head was just too overflown

Over the rim of my head.

Maybe I just tricked myself once again

And maybe I just wasn’t letting them in,

But you looked at me and you called me a friend

Even when you knew where I had been.

God only knows how you noticed my hurt,

Picking me up from the broken glass and dirt,

Like a drink of water after days in the desert

But I noticed the tear streaks down the front of your shirt.

You were just as broken as I

Yet you had the courage to look me in the eye,.

Such a force you were in some dark times

When the stars burned out and the words didn’t rhyme,

And together we turned and looked loneliness straight in the face

Saying, “From now on, in the world you have no place.”

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