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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Dreaming of Spain

Updated: Sep 16, 2019


WESTFIELD, Ind. (May 2019) - Future Senior Class President and Student Government Executive Delaney Hendricks (11) will take on a whole new world this summer with Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Language (IUHPFL).

Q: Can you describe briefly what the IU Honors Program is?

A: So basically it's a six week program, and you go to a country for a foreign language. It's an immersion program. So there's a bunch of languages--there's Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. I'm going for Spanish to Spain. You live there with a host family for six weeks. Once the plane lands wherever you're going, you're speaking completely in your target language. You take classes, and you go on excursions.

Q: What inspired you specifically into applying for this?

A: Well, I want to be a Spanish teacher when I grow up. I thought it would be like a really good experience. And my mom went to Toledo in Spain in college. I’m going to an area near that.

Q: Throughout the application process, what did you need to do, and how long did that take?

A: So for the application, the very first part was answering in 27 personal essay questions about yourself, so it took a while. After that part was over, it was mostly easy. Once you got accepted, you had to fill out a host family application. It's fine because it’s getting more towards the fun, real stuff.

Q: When you first found out you got into the program, what was your reaction?

A: When I first got into the program, I initially got accepted to Mexico, which was my second choice. I was still fine with going there, but I was kind of hoping for Spain because I was thinking about it since my freshman year. So I was kind of sad about that, but then we talked to [IU Honors] and they were really nice, and they switched me over to where I wanted to go. Once I figured out, I was ready.

Q: Where in Spain are you going to?

A: I'm going to Ciudad Real, which is in Castilla la Mancha. It’s an hour away from Madrid.

Q: When are you going?

A: I’m leaving on June 11, and I'll be back on July 25.

Q: What are you most excited for?

A: I'm very much excited to live with a host family because of filling out the application. It seems like they get you with someone you really click with and someone you’ll have a good experience with. Also learning more about the culture.

Q: What would you tell other students who are thinking about doing this program?

A: I would say definitely do it because a lot of my friends who thought about it but didn't apply were just like, “Well, I'll do it in college or something.” You obviously can do that, too, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a homestay is something that's really neat, especially in high school."

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