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St. Nick’s Best Flicks

Opinions on some of the most famous Christmas movies

Owen Wright

Staff Writer

December 16, 2022

Today I will be discussing the best and worst movies from the holiday season and putting each film in each category. The best Christmas movie, the most underrated Christmas movie, the most overrated Christmas movie, and the worst Christmas movie.

The Best Christmas Movie:

“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

This movie is absolutely amazing, what once started as a Dr. Suess' story has transformed into one of the most known franchises in fiction. Jim Carrey was perfect for this role. He is very funny and witty and uses a bit more adult humor and meanness which is great for a character with no heart. Not to mention he is the only person on the planet that can pull off the facial expressions of the grinch. At the end when he saves Christmas and the presents for the kids in Whoville shows a great lesson of compassion and caring for others and that is what Christmas is about.

The Most Underrated Christmas Movie:


Released on Netflix on Christmas 2018 it is a story about a town in which there is a feud between two families. But the children of these families have bonded closer and closer because they need to be good kids so Klaus gives them toys for Christmas. Through the ups and downs, it is his responsibility to unite the town once and for all. It is a beautiful story, the animation is great, and I recommend everyone to watch it.

The Most Overrated Christmas Movie

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York"

I do not like this movie at all. It escalates from the first movie where Kevin takes down Harry and Marv with Hot Wheels and tarantulas, while the sequel is much more violent. Hitting Harry and Marv in the head with bricks, electrocuting them, the guys getting crushed by pipes and ladders, and falling multiple stories isn’t very funny. It honestly makes me cringe watching something where I know if this stuff happened in real life the people in it have died. Obviously, the writers got it wrong by taking Kevin out of the McAllister house and into the real world.

The Worst Christmas Movie

"The Christmas Chronicles 2"

Another Netflix movie in this article but this time not for a good reason. This movie is very bad. The classic story about Santa delivering presents to children across the world was totally abandoned in this film. It is more about Santa’s troubles at the North Pole which aren’t very interesting at all. It is not nearly as good as the first movie and frankly, Kurt Russell does a bad job of playing Santa Claus.

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