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POEM: Spectator

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by GAVIN CLINKENBEARD - Feb. 2, 2019

Thank goodness my window never forgets,

So that I never have to remember.

I visited the Eiffel Tower some time ago,

But I don't remember what it looks like

Because my window did the looking for me.

And I always make sure to share my missed memories

With the other windows of the world.

To prove to myself that I've been somewhere,

To say to myself that I've done something,

To show no one that I'm someone.

My window makes me feel safe.

I wave to my friends from behind the glass—

As if it actually means anything.

This snapshot of my life is lived through

This snapshot of my precious window.

I can’t help it;

My breath has already fogged up the glass.

I have a window in my pocket.

I hold it in my hands,

Glue my face against the glass,

And surrender myself to the other side.

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