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Seventeen in September

Reagan Lorenzen - November 9, 2023

The window invites the wind into the car

while the sun leaks its hues from the open sun roof.

Music erupts from the stereo while we sing along.

A sedan passes us with judgment and confusion, not remembering

what it is like to be seventeen in September.

You're sitting next to me sipping your strawberry milkshake.

Our hair is flying around as I accelerate 80 down the highway.

I am arguing about the best ice cream flavor,

while you sit and laugh deep within your gut.

Oh, to be seventeen in September.

The sun's rays begin to fade as the breeze begins to cool.

I avoid all exits, taking the long way to your home.

I wish to drive in our ice cream stained car,

singing notes loud and out of tune,

and forever remain seventeen in September.

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