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Prom Happenings

Planning and preparing for this year’s Prom

Daniella Solares

Assistant Copy Editor

March 16, 2022

Prom at Westfield High School is a memorable night that demands hard work from everyone in Student Government.

Springtime is hectic in Westfield—spring sports start up, theatre kids scramble to put on a show, and AP exams inch closer and closer. But amidst this busy time is the infamous high school prom, which requires meticulous planning and preparation. First and foremost, junior class officer Owen Flynn (11) explains what prom is.

“To me, prom is a night to celebrate the people and community we’ve made as high school students,” Flynn said.

The night will take place at the Indiana State Museum, but junior class officer Brenna Willis (11) said that students don’t have much leeway with location. Instead, they are allowed creative liberties with the theme of the dance.

“This year, all of us officers brainstormed a huge list of prom themes. Then, we narrowed it down to our top 5 and let the rest of the student body decide their favorite,” Willis said.

There’s plenty to expect from the evening, from the infamous crowning of the king and queen to mouth-watering snacks.

“The night consists of tons of dancing and celebrating, along with a prom royalty celebration [and] we will be having after prom at the high school,” Flynn said.

In the realm of responsibility, the different committees in student government are assigned different tasks in preparation for prom. Willis said each junior class officer leads a committee.

“I am involved with the communications committee. We are in charge of communicating our ideas to admin and releasing information to the student body,” Willis said.

Jennifer Castro (11) leads the prom courting and theme committees.

“My current main role is getting our forms set up as well as getting our dates finalized,” Castro said.

Speaking with the class officers, there has been a strong emphasis on representation.

“Since this is seniors’ and juniors’ first prom, we want it to be a night they will never forget. That’s why we focused a lot on the student body's voice and hearing their input so we have an idea of what they want on their prom night,” Willis said.

An unforgettable night is well-deserved. The officers hope their hard work will pay off and that the students enjoy themselves. With the stressful time students face in the final parts of high school, the officers and committee members think it’s only right to reward them.

“I hope students use prom as something to distract them from the stress of high school and post-high school stress, too, because, especially for seniors, this is really the last big event they get together, so we’ve worked really hard to make sure it’s special,” Flynn said.

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