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POEM: Tiles in the Hall

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


The time has come again

To change the tiles in the hall

Cracks and spreads between them

Grout worn away

By the unwarranted rubbing of fingers

He came from the store

With samples to try

Against the colors of the wall

That was no matter

“It hides the stains!”

A dark shade, speckled with granite grays and crimson

Dirt brown and tawny creams and unsightly things

“It hides the stains!”

And so we bought

That awful color of tile

That now resides in the hall

Without stain or blemish

Exempt is the dark taupe

Of a smudge of dirt

So precisely dragged

On a taupe patch of stone

Exempt is the dark green

Of a patch of neglected mold

So cautiously grown

With the walls of a green splotch on the tiles

Exempt is the dark crimson

Of a few drops, source unknown

So deliberately fallen

On the splatters of red in the stone

Falling to the ground once

Looking from the level of the tiles in the hall

I see the stains

Hidden before

Now they are stuck to the tiles

Painfully, I sigh

The time has come again

To change the tiles in the hall

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