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POEM: Snowflakes

by GRACE LEBER - January 8, 2020

Soft, gentle flakes of snow,

They fall from Heaven and seem to glow,

Dusting your hair as we emerge

Into a new mystical universe.

As we make snow angels I can see your wings,

I bask in the sound of your soul’s ethereal rings.

The landscape of feathers makes me forget

All of our little sorrows and regrets.

Now we go indoors, enveloped by warmth,

Drinking hot cocoa and nuzzling by the hearth.

We exchange gifts and are filled with joy,

For our love we will always employ.

As the Christmas tree blushes and the candles flicker,

Our reverence reveals in tender whispers.

I close my eyes and all I remember

Is the beauty of it all, and to your love I surrender.

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