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POEM: Mrs. Stricken Knits in Her Rocking Chair

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by GRACE LEBER - March 27, 2019

Mrs. Stricken knits in her rocking chair,

Her biscuit yarn so beautiful and fair.

One stitch, two stitch, three,

Mrs Stricken props her yarn on her knee.

As she works she lovingly watches her children and spouse,

And makes for them stockings, caps, and a baptismal blouse.

For the children there are dolls, toys, and blankets too,

When they appear at their bedsides they seem too good to be true.

Other times she wraps them with care,

And on Christmas Day they are shared.

Mr. Stricken and the children are happy—all eight,

And for the next year they cannot wait.

Soon Anne and Mary turn four,

Big girls, they start to learn this simple chore.

Sitting by her side, they are taught by their mother

To knit for themselves and for one day another.

With love and every kind of joy

Is Mrs. Stricken therefore employed.

As the keeper of love, her creations

Will be cherished for generations.

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