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POEM: Majesty

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

by MORGAN SMITH - December 19, 2019

in the vapor of Your breath, miracles are born

for me, You wear rags and a crown of thorns

yet, i know i don’t deserve anything

but onto You i will forever cling

You’ve made everything lovely in its time

stars, mountains, waters - all complete sublime

You have transformed my life into beauty

so, praising You is my only duty

You will fulfill me from bottom to top

Lord, may my blissful worship never stop!

thank You for your steadfast love and mercy

because i will always be unworthy

creation bows at the sound of Your voice

and, Lord, forevermore i will rejoice

along with every shining star, i beam

because You are like a glorious dream

that i know i may never comprehend

but i know with You, Lord, there is no end.

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