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POEM: Becoming a Wildflower

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by MARGARET BARNETT - Feb. 6, 2019

they tell me that i’m Wild

Unruly and Untamed

with Passion in my eyes—

but i’ve not always been this way.

i used to be a tulip

just planted in one place

waiting for someone to come

to pick me from my place.

and the roses all around me

were more Beautiful than i

and the garden lilies stood so Tall

Admired by the sky.

but comparison— it drained me

and soon enough i’d seen

my flower once a Vibrant Hue

was dead and drained of green.

but as my petals curled and shriveled

and my stem was hanging low

that’s when i discovered

that i could make myself Grow.

yes, the roses were Pretty

and yes, the lilies grew fast

but i was Something Different—

and i Loved Myself at last.

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