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POEM: A Tribute to Beth

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

by GRACE LEBER - December 13, 2019

Beautiful Beth, sweet and fine,

You’re the perfection of all womankind.

You sit in the shadows with a smile,

And you show that all life is worthwhile.

Passive and gentle, never drawing attention,

There are no limits to your affection.

Sitting quietly by, making gifts,

Playing piano, comforting kittens, and healing rifts.

You adore your sisters Meg, Amy, and Jo.

And when you all embrace, you show

That love has no check, and no mold:

Truly, you are worth more than gold.

You deserve nothing but death,

For you are perfect to your dying breath;

And you belong only to the Kingdom of Heaven,

Where your soul has forever striven.

In this world you are unheard;

You do not get what you deserve.

But never was there a virtuous soul,

Who created a more blooming earthly role.

Inspired by Little Women

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