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On the Big Screen

by SABRINA RICHARD - November 24, 2020

Westfield students are on top of the world - and the Riverview Health Stadium

(Westfield, IN., September 2020)

Waiting on the field, settling in a press box, or watching from the top of the Riverview Health Stadium, there are students and cameras who control what is seen by fans: this is the Jumbotron Club.

Sponsored by communications teacher John Oestrich, students show up early to games and partake in running the cameras.

“I was introduced to Jumbotron Club my sophomore year and got really involved my junior year,” Lilah Denton (12) said. “As a senior, I can’t imagine football games any other way.”

Also recruited by Mr. Oestrich, Graham Hackett (11) goes through his home game routine.

“I usually get to the stadium at six and eat pizza and talk for a bit,” Hackett said. “Then we set up on the roof [of the Riverview Health Stadium]. Then once the game starts I usually film the first and third quarter, and someone else films the second and fourth.”

The topside camera isn’t the only one in use; there are several club members filming at once to get every angle of the game.

“You can be on the sidelines, up atop the stadium, or in the press box,” Evan Cummings (10) said. “I am responsible for covering live action from the sidelines. I also interview the head coach at halftime. For a sports lover such as myself, it’s a unique experience to watch a sport I love and doing work that revolves around it.”

The plays themselves are not the only thing filmed during the games.

“Last year I was in charge of the south [student section] camera where I, along with a small group, would film the students with the best outfits, cheers, and energy throughout the game,” Denton said.

While Jumbotron Club gets free pizza and admission to the game, members also have responsibilities before and during the game.

“When I’m filming I have to be locked into the game and make sure I follow the ball and keep the camera steady so everyone can watch with ease,” Hackett said.

Whether it is joining Jumbotron Club to see the game from a new angle or gaining experience in sports media and videography, members work hard to make sure that the game is seen by all. After Senior Night, Denton reflects, “This club has been such an amazing opportunity to get real hands-on experience.”

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