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New, but Improved?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

by SYDNEY CHURCH - Students and teachers give us their inside knowledge on what’s happening around our school.

The remains of our very own Learning Center. photo by GRACE KRAKORA

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Aug. 2019) - Do not ask Westfield High School students about construction. There will be many groans.

Westfield High School is taking on some big changes in the next few years. Students have said goodbye to their beloved Learning Center, made room for some new Science labs and prepared for the addition of more classrooms. All of these changes have thrown students, and teachers, for a loop. Finding new ways to make things work is now part of WHS's daily agenda.

For students like Maddee Aaron (12), construction has been something to look forward to.

“I think that the construction is going to be really cool once it’s finished,” Aaron said. “I’m super disappointed I won’t be around to see the changes, though. I look forward to all the other students getting to enjoy the new things and not be as overcrowded as we are now.”

However, some aspects of construction aren’t as exciting.

“The construction can be really distracting at times, especially while trying to take a test and all you can hear is them working,” Aaron said.

Teachers around the school have also found themselves affected by the ongoing construction on a day to day basis.

An outside view of what's to come. photo by GRACE KRAKORA

“It can get a little noisy sometimes so I get a little distracted myself,” Spanish teacher Sra. Kerrie Mares Bell said. “The students have been awesome in staying focused with me!”

Sra. Mares Bell has been teaching at Westfield High School for five years now. She looks forward to the 35 new classrooms.

“Even the new desks and things so we can be more flexible with seating,” Sra Mares Bell said. She hopes to use the new additions to do what’s best for her students.

Though construction is something often groaned about, there is no doubt these changes are necessary and maybe secretly celebrated.

“I haven’t really noticed it affecting their work ethic. They kind of just ignore it and move on. It can be a challenge,” Sra. Mares Bell said. “But it’s not something we can’t handle together.”

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