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my unwashed dishes

By ALAINA TRUMBULL, November 15, 2021

I don’t wash my dishes.

When I put them in the sink

I let them sit there and I

stare at them. I sit

and stare at them.

I have water

and dish soap

and a sponge,

but I still just look at the pile

knowing I will have to


do them,

do something about them.

It’s a bad habit of mine;

I have broken it a few times.

When it seems like doing the dishes

is easier than the other


I have to do,

I keep my sink clean.

My dishes no longer touch the metallic bottom when my sink is clean.

All it takes is one moment;

then I start piling again

and the more I pile

the harder it gets to do them—

and I know that it will only get harder from here

and I acknowledge it.

But I will still just


At the dirty dishes.

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