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Mr Westfield: Comedy, Charity and the Crown

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

by SOPHIE GORECKI - Mr. Westfield contestants describe their experiences competing for the crown on Jan 16.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Jan 16, 2020) - On the night of Jan. 16, six Mr. Westfield candidates waited anxiously backstage in the auditorium. The contestants had practiced their talents and prepared for weeks in order to win the coveted title of Mr. Westfield and have the admission fees go towards their charity of choice. There was a fierce competition ahead of them, but they were ready.

The talent portion began with Tomi Bolarin (12), who showcased his sense of humor by doing stand-up comedy. His jokes poked fun at each class at WHS, specifically the class of 2022, which won a great deal of applause and laughs from the audience.

“I did not actually prepare; it was all on the fly,” Bolarin said. “I thought of some jokes in the shower, though. I took a lot of inspiration from Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock.”

Contestant Tommy Pugh (12) performed in drag for his talent portion, winning the hearts of much of the audience. His charity of choice was GLSEN, a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of LGBTQ youth.

“I was slightly petrified, but I was extremely excited,” Pugh said. “It was fun to just go out there and express myself and not care what anyone said. It was extraordinarily inspiring, and I’m glad to have been able to put myself out there.”

Mr. Congeniality, Tyler Jeffries (12), contributed to the talent portion by showcasing his talent for music.

“I decided to play guitar and sing, and I picked Pearl Jam because it is one of my favorite bands of all time,” Jeffries said.

After the judges tallied their votes, Bolarin won the crown. As Mr. Westfield himself, Bolarin had the choice of which charity a portion of the admission fees to the event would go towards.

“I chose Amnesty International,” Bolarin said. “It’s actually a funny story. I asked my friend Brylee Stubbs (11), and she said Amnesty International. I did more research on it, and it seemed like a cause I could really support.”

After winning the competition, Bolarin decided to use his title as a way to spread positivity by doing the Wellness Minute on Wednesday announcements. Bolarin shares an insightful piece of advice to WHS students:

“As Mr. Westfield, don’t put others in their place, put yourself in theirs,” Bolarin said.

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