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Good Morning

Jack Black - September 29, 2022

Image by - Alana Halsted

Sombering windmills spin by the pastures

As slumbering sunlight awakes with the breeze

The cattle stretch softly in the warmth and the mildew

As they gaze and they graze by the bushes and trees

The seeds of the field slowly soak in the sunshine

And up from the ground comes their peeking of noses

The birds and the bees, they chirp and they mingle

As each plants a kiss on the lips of the roses

The bees nurse their young in the comb of the basket

As the blazing old king sits by centurion clouds

foreseeing the rumbles and rainfall to come

When the heart of the sky beats the skin of the world

And over and over

Perhaps once again

And over and over

But never again

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