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Flowers in a Field

Reagan Lorenzen - February 14, 2024

Artwork by - Nico Sproule

I drive alongside a dirty road.

My tires leave their mark. 

I turn my head to the left

and see daisies glowing in the dark.

Maybe it's trespassing.

But who cares?

When will I get another chance to

pick flowers from Mother Nature’s hair?

I pull over,

leaving my door open.

Oh, I sense their divinity—

these petals were God chosen.

I pick the best of the bunch—

colors from yellow to pure white.

I can't wait to place these on a table.

Oh, I can feel my smile so bright!

I pull into the driveway,

through the door I race.

Someone please remind me…

Where did I put that vase?

I place the flowers in a cup instead

painted with bittersweet blues.

I stick them into the water.

How I love the smell of fresh and new!

These flowers will be dead—

maybe in a week, maybe a day. 

But oh, how the flowers

always take my sadness away.

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