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Everybody’s gotta know “The Baller” Mrs. Wheeler

Updated: Feb 16

Aniyah Lockert

Staff Writer

February 14, 2024

All Together Now- Mrs. Wheeler never misses the opportunity to have an enjoyable time in class with her students. Pictured with Luke Yonkus, Marlowe Petrelli, Clara Stalter, and Declan Weinkauf

English teacher Mrs. Holly Wheeler continues her journey at WHS and has left a significant mark not only in her teaching but in the lives of her students. 

Mrs. Wheeler has been a part of the Westfield High School staff for 23 years and counting. She teaches English 10 Honors, Genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and has also taught every grade level here, although that wasn’t always her plan from the start.

“At first, I was very interested in psychology and just the study of the mind, the brain, …through coaching I loved working with kids in general,” Wheeler said. “I used to coach different age levels at the Boys and Girls Club but I did find a love for teaching at an early age.”

Wheeler strives to make her teaching enjoyable and exciting while also making her class lively and intriguing for all of her students. She uses her big and bright personality to ensure that her students learn but also have a meaningful time in her class. 

“It’s whatever the morning brings,” Wheeler said. “I make the classroom fun by using humor and then authenticity, being real, and trying not to have false expectations of kids. I think sometimes just being genuine and real, and then the kids will be genuine and real, and then that opens up to just having those relationships.”

Students praise Mrs.Wheeler for her teaching and how she is a fun and eccentric teacher, making the learning atmosphere engaging and filled with interesting and intriguing discussions and topics. 

“I didn’t expect her to be so happy and jubilant and have so much energy,” sophomore Mylee Ellis said. “It’s kinda awesome to have a teacher like that. We’re not always on topic and that’s kinda fun. I think it’s cool that we get to grow a good connection with her before we actually get into the learning because it’s easier to learn when you know you have a good relationship with your teacher.”

Students have found that there’s never a dull minute in the classroom with Mrs. Wheeler and she always has something amusing and funny to say. Students express that class is never boring and Mrs. Wheeler consistently brings joy and humor into the lives of her students. 

“She says a lot of funny things…she is always making jokes in the middle of discussion and that’s so fun,” Ellis said. “When you’re bored in class and you’re talking about something so boring, she’ll bring up something totally random and it’s just hilarious to hear her talk.

Not only has she made an impact on her students but she has made lasting friendships with other teachers in the building. One teacher in particular, who has been working here for 29 years, has established a long-term friendship with Mrs. Wheeler. 

“I met Mrs. Wheeler when I came back, after I had my kids,” English teacher Katy Harbison said. “I feel like I’ve known Mrs. Wheeler for about 20 to 25 years. When I first started working here she was teaching English right across the hallway from me and we just had a natural affinity for each other.” 

Not only has Mrs. Harbison shared a strong friendship with Mrs. Wheeler but when asked how Mrs. Wheeler inspires her, she gave nothing but praise and adoration for her, showing just how much of an impact Mrs. Wheeler makes on the people around her. 

“Mrs. Wheeler is one of the most effective teachers in this school because she’s like a magnet to her students,” Mrs. Harbison said. “She’s so fun and she’s so funny and so honest that students naturally gravitate towards her. If I could be more like Mrs. Wheeler it would be, literally, making my classroom more fun and being able to relate as well to my students as she relates.” 

Mrs. Wheeler isn’t only someone who teaches here but she has become that person for so many people and consistently makes an incredible impact on the people at WHS. 

“Everybody deserves to know Mrs. Wheeler because of her personality and the energy she gives off to everybody,” Ellis said. “It’s just amazing to have a teacher who will not only show a bunch of energy but also give that enthusiasm to you.”

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