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Death By Your Side

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Patricia Remala - November 1, 2023

- Spooktober 3rd Place!

In the darkness you are taken

and in darkness you awaken

into the unknown— a scary guide.

No way out, Death by your side.

A dark and shapeless being, scary and grim,

leads you where the light grows dim.

No forms, no eyes, no voices— just fears,

guiding you where all life disappears.

In a place of darkness, where secrets hide,

in a world of departed, where you’ll now reside,

your steps echo in this eerie land,

where shadows stretch and secrets stand.

No turning back, no way to flee,

you’ve joined the realm where all will be.

Among the shadows, you find your kin

in this land of the dead, where your journey begins.

A ghostly presence, a haunting fright,

with each step, you go deeper into the night.

In a chilling game where Death takes the lead,

you journey onwards, to where spirits bleed.

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