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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Anonymous- September 26, 2023

Artwork - "Traveling Soul" by Nico Sproule

looking closely

into the murky water

i see a soul—

a spirit from

the forgotten realm

the grand above

the great divide

that plagues my days

the creature shakes

and sputters

a fallen angel

he looks into my eyes

breathing air;

until finally

his curtains close

his story fades

if i could be

one of the angels

if i could live

in the grand above

if i could know

everything they teach

if i could see

everything from beyond—

always “if”

but never when

my whole life

i’ve been told

they would not want

someone like me

that i would not

be welcome

in the land of

the angels

in the house of

the lord

i hear about him

everywhere i go

they tell me to follow

yet offer no lead

do they expect me

to cave into

voluntary blindness,

selective deafness?

that angel who fell

is it because

he saw the truth—

he woke up?

i see him lying

there in the water

and, as if i had

a reason to mourn

i observe in silence

glumly admire as

one of my own,

a denied soul,

cast away

by a false idol

if one as beautiful

as him

was thrown out

and discarded

what hope does

one like me have?

they call themselves

good, kind believers

yet do not believe

we are worth saving

heaven does not

deserve you

your radiant light

your passionate love

your soul is

too good for them

i will always be

your heaven

you will always be

my angel

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