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Would Edgar Allan Poe?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Jack Black - October 25, 2022

Would Edgar Allan Poe, in the cold rainy weather

sitting at his desk with ink and feather,

have written of such bleakness in the morning glow

on a clear pleasant day, when the sun would show?

Would old Mr. Poe have written much brighter?

Would he have scrapped the dark themes for a moral much lighter

if he awoke to the rustle of daisies on his door

and not to the screams of his mind's sleeping horror?

Would the madman's heart have beat above the floor?

Would the raven have caw'd "forevermore"

if poor little Poe had his lunch with fine rum

instead of flat ale from a dirty old drum?

I grimace at the thought of a life behind bricks

and cringe at cruel murder by a man truly sick.

If only Poe had smelled the rose, that to him, his wife gave

before he placed it so soft on her grave.

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