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Words of Westfield: Edition 2

Westfield High School students anonymously share the best things they have overheard in school, inspired by the Instagram account OverheardNY. The second edition of the series.

Regan Winbun

Staff Writer

October 5, 2021

In the previous Words of Westfield story, I gave background to the inspiration behind these articles; the OverheardNY Instagram account. The account posts multiple overheard quotes daily, constantly delivering a quick laugh to its followers’ feed.

After the immense amount of quotes WHS students and myself have overheard throughout the school, it was only fitting that we follow in the account’s footsteps and share more eavesdropped content.

When sending out Google forms and listening in the hallways, you truly never know what you are going to come across. It is the lack of context and pure confusion the quotes bring you that makes them that much better.

To share your own overheard quotes for next month’s Words of Westfield, submit them to the link in our Instagram bio @whslantern.

Below are the best-overheard quotes from WHS:

“I’m against the Easter Bunny because he’s too materialistic.”

Person 1: “I need a word for a person who is getting away with things that other people are not.”

Person 2: “A politician?!”

“I don’t want furry feet pics, I want beans!”

“Hamilton County statistically has more gay people than the national average, and I would like to think that’s because of me.”

“Ohio isn’t real.”

“What if there was a condition where you grow teeth instead of hair?”

“I can’t think of a nice way to say this, so I’m just going to say it. You make my day worse any time I see you.”

Person 1: “I would be an incredible side character.”

Person 2: “Man, I’d just be an extra.”

“Wouldn’t it be funny if someone was taking a test then all the sudden, *insert horse noises*”

“They’re not being edgy, they’re just being uncool.”

“Don’t ask, but I need Holy Water.”

“If I keep them laughing, their eyes are closed and they don’t see the red flags.”

“My steel pan is better than your steel pan, and I’ll prove it with a knife.”

“She’s cartoonishly homophobic.”

Person 1: “Are you okay?”

Person 2: “That’s gonna be a no from me champ.”

“No girls allowed. It’s the 1950s, sorry.”

“I’ve got a big iron Eiffel tower on my desk, if anyone comes at me I’ll be ready.”

“She has strong eyebrows but not in a fun way.”

“Judas squared is just Jacob Radin. PEMDAS.”

“How do you spell Harambe?”

“I think that it’s just so hot and fresh out the kitchen that in pop-culture I have a 116%.”

“He’s balding.”

“It’s called making a reference, my lad.”

“I’m a one-issue party and the issue is me.”

Person 1: “You are finally experiencing burnout, it’s your turn.”

Person 2: “Man, I’ve been burnt out for 3 years.”

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