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January 10, 2023

It feels like floating downstream…

rolling continuously,

nothing really matters,

naught but thoughts of you.

Must I keep flowing?

I don’t expect I can stop now,

I’d care to keep going,

the water keeps flowing,

nothing can stop me now.

The only thoughts in my attic:

are you floating along with me?

Every day I lie and glance,

the sun is shining through.

If I extend my affections,

would you join the trajection,

or would you run in fright?

I can’t help my own inclinations.

I hope to be with you,

but if you’d rather, float on by,

as long as it’s best for you.

My mind is always whirling, dizzy,

the anxious thoughts and dreams

rarely surface unless on occasion,

I find you bring the words to my mouth,

but then again I still stumble—

because I want my words to mean

something, anything, everything,

only to you-

But I won’t be afraid!

no longer, not anymore,

because I can’t help myself,

you keep knocking at my door,

If I would be profound,

If I would be as bold,

If I could turn around,

If I wouldn’t back down,

fascinating feelings

shift through my mind…

people are so busy,

we can slow down awhile.

Existing betwixt the flowers,

we were under the summer sky.

I could stand here for hours,

to talk about nothing, everything,

and all in between.

In the fall and the wind,

The breakings will bend,

And the walls will defend,

That's just the nature of life, after all.

We’re laughing gelastic—

I can’t help but feel with you,

It’s good to thrive for the sake of life,

the only one we share is special.

I would love to stay, to talk awhile—

the wintry winds blow through,

the day is chilling but I’ll still smile,

I owe all of this to you.

I owe the times I’ve had to you,

every surreal waking moment;

if it comes as overly passionate,

I am no longer worried, for

I find I don’t mind anymore.

In the hazy winterflow,

I will always stand for you.

I love you.

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