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Winter Sparkle Poetry Winner --Invisible

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

By CARSON ROGERS, January 30, 2022

By Ella Wettschurack

No one ever asks how I am

how I feel

who I am.

I am never seen

never noticed

never looked at.

I am Invisible.

I am the broken toy in the corner that no one plays with,

the deflated ball

lying in the grass


I am the poster on the wall

that no one sees,

the kid on the kickball team

that never gets picked.

I’m fine being a nobody,

a shadow, a ghost.

I’m fine being the rock

that no one picks up,

that person in the picture

standing to the side.

But it gets lonely.

No one to talk to

no one to know

who I am.

I’m too shy to talk.

I don’t even know anyone's name.

Do they even know mine?

What would I say?

Would they like me?

Would they accept me?

It’s happening.

Someone said hi,

I cannot begin to describe.

I don’t believe it.

It’s never crossed my mind

how one act could be

So kind.

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