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WHS Suicide Prevention Walk: Featuring Delilah Flora

“For me, I think it's [important] to spread awareness for mental health and people’s issues because no matter who you are or where you live or what grade you’re in, you’ll be affected by something at some time in your life and I’ve been affected by things, and I’ve had friends who have been affected by things and while I’ve never had a friend come out and directly say anything to me, I definitely think I’ve had some friends in a tough place and I think its always good for there to be someone who is there for you. I’ve heard a lot of people say ‘Hey this walk is kinda useless, why are we walking in it?’ I think it is the fact that we are there and that there are a good amount of people coming out and showing that they care… and anyone at the walk is probably willing to stop and talk to people [going through something] and listen to what they have to say.” - Delilah Flora

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