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Who’s the new… teacher?

Andrew Lents

Staff Writer

November 29, 2022

Students are settling back into the schedule that school provides, and with homecoming in the past, the day-to-day routine begins to truly set in. This adjustment, however, has been more impactful for some people, specifically new teachers.

Meet some of the new teachers, their interests, and some fun facts about them, to make these new teachers feel known and welcome in Westfield.

Alex Sparks

Mr. Sparks is the new band teacher this year at Westfield, teaching Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Percussion Ensemble. When people walk into his classroom, Mr. Sparks wants people to know that he is an actual person and not just a teacher. He loves to have fun, but when it's time to get serious, he’s willing to flip the switch and get to work. Whether it be movies, TV, or books, Mr. Sparks enjoys horror over all other genres. Above all others, Mr. Sparks’ favorite ice cream flavor is Kroger brand raspberry dark chocolate.

“I'm a person, I'm a human being,” Sparks said, “I’m not just a robot programmed to do weird band things.”

Nicole Regnier

Mrs. Regnier is a new Geometry and Math Lab teacher here at Westfield. She wants people to know that she cares about their learning, not how long it takes. She also wants people to know she cares about them and wants them to succeed. She also wants them to know that she is always there to help and anyone who wants to reach out may. Before working at Westfield, Mrs. Regnier worked at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas for seven years. Mrs. Regnier has many hobbies including knitting, scrapbooking, hand-leathering, card-making, and playing Playstation with her husband.

Mrs. Regnier’s favorite ice cream flavor is Blue Bell cookies and cream.

“Having people in your life that care about you can make your life a lot better,” Regnier said, “I like being one of those people.”

Mason Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt teaches PBS I, PBS II, and Biology this year at Westfield. When people walk into Mr. Schmidt’s classroom, they should know that he wants them to be the best version of themselves, and to push themselves farther than they have before. He is going to challenge them in a healthy way to become the best they can be and have fun because that is what makes learning great. Mr. Schmidt used to play water polo in high school and on a college level at Miami of Ohio.

Mr. Schmidt’s favorite ice cream flavor is Signature Select’s dark raspberry chunk ice cream.

“[Westfield] is a great place to work,” Schmidt said, “I often compare it to working at Disney World. The students are great and the families are awesome.”

Now that these teachers are a bit more well known, don't be shy to say “Hi” to them in the hallways and welcome them to the Westfield community.

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