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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

By OLIVIA DOAN, January 18, 2022

As the sun rises on the crisp palm trees and crystal blue waters,

the world wakes up

breathing in the hopes and the dreams of the millions

giving up everything to join the city of angels.

Beneath the lights and the gold,

this same beauty fights over the relevance of an invisible enemy,

an invisible enemy that kills millions,

while we struggle amongst each other

contributing to more death than we would like to admit.

As the sun rises on tall brick buildings and tall glass skyscrapers,

the world wakes up.

People rush through the streets to the jobs that create jobs

perfecting ideas that may change the world.

Beneath the hustle and bustle of dreams,

this city is flooded with marches fighting for their birthright,

the rights that our forefathers claimed that man receives at birth,

while at the same time owning man as property.

As the sun rises on the yellow corn fields and the falling maple leaves,

the world wakes up.

The large brick school opens its doors

ready to provide opportunity to all that pass through them.

Beneath the accomplishment and the spirit,

this same school trips and falls after the many strides forward

as signs of inclusion are stripped from its halls,

erasing signs of support that made many feel safe.

One day the sun will rise and the world will wake up.

When the world wakes up.

When the world wakes.

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