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What to Do With Nothing to Do

by KATIE HUMPHREY - A photo series comprising what you can do while stuck at home during quarantine.

1. Go outside (while practicing social distancing)

2. Have a photoshoot, take some selfies

3. E-learning or study for AP exams

4. Create some playlists

5. Organize your things

6. Read a new book

7. Read a new book

8. Study for any large assessments coming up, such as the ACT or SAT

9. Have a movie or reading marathon of your favorite series

10. Hang up photos or art around your house

11. Listen to your favorite music (stream Fine Line :))

12. Put together outfits

13. Practice your sport or workout

14. Experiment with your look, whether that be with new skincare, makeup, or hairstyles

15. Clean out your closest and donate or sell old clothes

16. Learn about something that is outside of school, something that has always fascinated you

17. Play with your pets

18. Cook or bake something you have always wanted to try (pictured is an acai bowl), or order food from local restaurants

19. Play a game with your family

20. Look through old photos or toys you had when you were younger

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