Westfield students saving lives in EMS course

Two students share their experiences riding in an ambulance

Spencer Isaacs

Staff Writer

January 9, 2022

In Westfield High School’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) class, students can choose to ride along in an ambulance and use their knowledge to save lives.

The EMS class teaches students about urgent medical treatment. It provides the opportunity to apply their knowledge firsthand and help real people in emergency situations by assisting paramedics in an ambulance for a full day. Lewis Kaufman (11) and Caren Boulos (11) shared their experiences in this program.

These students took the class because of their passion for medicine. While the students may have different visions of what their futures would look like, both clearly have helping others in mind.

“I was interested in the medical field, and would like to continue down that path if I enjoyed the class… [which] I have so far,” Kaufman said.

Those with a focus on specific career paths also take the class. It prepares students to interact with real patients in medicine.

“I want to become a cardiovascular surgeon,” Boulos said. “I thought taking EMS would get me ready for the patient care part of the health field.”

Even with their aspirations, providing life-saving emergency care is a large responsibility for high school students. Given the urgency and wide variety of emergency situations, there is little room for error.

“I was very excited… but I was a little nervous about the possibility of having to deal with something serious,” Kaufman said. “I didn’t want to have to save someone from a car crash on my first ride; that’s a lot of pressure.”