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Westfield is cooking up something new

The new culinary classroom is now open for students to use

Lily Durham

Staff Writer

October 1, 2021

The new culinary kitchen will provide opportunities to enhance culinary skills and engage students in an interactive classroom.

Room 1262 is home to the new culinary kitchen and the culinary classes, Taught by culinary teachers Briana Ferreira and Nikki Heflin, students are taught and practice cooking using much of the new equipment.

“(There are) six industrial-size south bend ovens,” Ferreira said. As well as “Demonstration tables for the teacher with cameras.”

The new equipment is not the only amazing thing about the new kitchen, some of the equipment can only be found here including “State of the art stainless steel tables That was made just for this room,” according to Ferreira.

When it comes to Westfield, safety is one of their number one priority for all the students. This kitchen is equipped with many safety features to ensure safety.

“(Also added is) an INCELL system that can put out any fire just in case,” Ferreira said.

Students are also very excited about the new safety enhancement that have been added to the classroom.

“I like how safe the new kitchen is,” senior Abbie Brooks said. “It feels much safer like there won’t be another fire.”

Whether students have an interest in the hospitality or restaurant workforce this kitchen is a great introduction. Much of the equipment found here can also be found in restaurant kitchens.

“State of the art hood systems that are industrialized for restaurants,” Ferreira said.

The classes are a new and unique experience students love and enjoy. Whether the unique atmosphere or the food is the reason you take the class, many enjoy taking it.

“I am so excited to learn in this class, the mix of cooking and sad Pandora music is the most melancholy happy feeling ever,” Brooks said. “But honestly it is a really fun class.”

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