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Westfield High Schools Best Buddies program continues to create new opportunities

Maia Cristo

Guest Writer

May 26, 2022

Adaptive Art - Senior Jacob Flowers hanging out with friends and making pottery.

Westfield High School Best Buddies organization has made it a priority to make everyone feel safe in their own skin.

Best Buddies was an organization created in 1989 that created friendships, gave leadership opportunities, and gives a place to be inclusive for people with disabilities. Westfield has opened the club for the students to make new connections and create opportunities.

”I joined best buddies because I chose peer facilitation and I fell in love with it,” President Quinn Sever (12) said. “I wanted to advocate for those who couldn't.”

Sever has participated in best buddies for 5 years now and is now the president of Westfield’s Best Buddies program. Sever is in charge of planning all of the parties such as luau parties, St. Patrick's day, and dancing parties. The parties include all kinds of activities such as crafts, snacks, and just dance, and everyone is invited to come.

“I have a buddy!” Student Reese Raymond (12) said. “My mom wanted me to join.”

Raymond has been in best buddies for the past four years and his favorite part is that you get a friend that you get to hang out with and go to parties with. He loves the parties and all the snacks that they have there.

“In eighth grade hanging out in the peer classrooms really made me want to join,” Hallie London said. “I enjoy the parties, just being there and hanging out with everyone.”

London has been in best buddies for four years and has been helping out since she was in 8th grade. She enjoys all the new friends she has made from the program and enjoys all of the parties and hanging out with everyone. She loves making new friends and creating new memories with them. “Just Dance” is one of her favorite activities to do at the parties.

“I like hanging out with Quinn,” Student Aohdan Kelly said. “I like “Just Dance” and going to Qdoba.”

Kelly has been in the best buddies program for four years now and he enjoys going to different restaurants with his buddy. “Being able to see students excited to meet up with their buddies and see all of the opportunities that are made for them within our school is my favorite part,” teacher Kylee Carr said.

Carr has been in the Westfield Best Buddies program for two years now and has been teaching for eight years. Her favorite memory was the talent show. Carr said she loves being able to interact with others and being able to see all of the opportunities that are created for others.

“My mom was a special ed teacher and I had some family members with disabilities and I wanted to learn how to be a better peer to those with disabilities,” student Jordyn Church said.

Church has been in best buddies for six years. She loves parties and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite part of Best Buddies is creating connections.

“The best part is the connection and memories you make with others because everyone deserves to have a friend no matter their ability,” Church said.

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