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Water bottle brawl

Which brand will reign supreme between Stanley Cup and Hydro Flask?

Makayla Boyer

Staff Writer

February 6, 2023

Hydro Hysteria - Senior Luci Bluto prefers her Hydro Flask over other water bottle competitors.

Since 2019, the Hydro Flask has taken the water bottle community by the reigns and dominated the market. Most people may think that the Stanley cup is new to the game, but in reality, it has been around since 1913 according to Though the Hydro Flask trend has been present for several years, it only has been on the market since 2009 according to This poses the question: Which is better?


This is an easy category to judge. The massive handle on the Stanley cup, while functional, ruins the entire bottle for me. It's unappealing and makes the entire thing look bulky. The Hydro Flask, however, uses a smaller loop on the lid as a handle. I like this approach better because it makes the bottle seem slimmer and gives it an overall sleek look. However, the Stanley cup also comes in a whopping 21 different colors, as opposed to the Hydro Flask, which only comes in 13.


This is one of the most important qualities to me. If it’s not functional, I’m not buying it. The Hydro Flask, in addition to its sleek look, fits easily into any backpack, or cup holder, and is just practical to carry all around because of its design. The Stanley cup handle poses as a good way to carry the cup in hand, but that's really the only way to transport it.


We’ve all heard the infamous clangs in the middle of class and the numerous dents of the Hydro Flask. I feel like more times than not, anytime I see someone walking in the hall, their Hydro Flask is covered in dents. However, I have yet to see a damaged Stanley cup. They always look perfectly pristine. If you do find yourself with a scratch on your Stanley, rest assured that both bottles come with a lifetime warranty.


This is where we get to the dealbreaker. Though the 25-ounce Stanley cup holds just one more ounce than the 24-ounce Hydro Flask, it is almost double the price at $44.99. Its competitor comes in at a much more affordable price of $24.99. I don’t know about you, but I'm not exactly ecstatic about spending nearly $50 on a water bottle.

Though both water bottles have their strengths and weaknesses, I personally think the Hydro Flask is the better bottle. The overall look and price are ultimately what win me over.

In the end, the winning bottle really just depends on you and your preferences. Sure, the Hydro Flask is less likely to break the bank, but if you're looking for a dependable container to transport your drink, then either bottle will leave you satisfied.

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