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Walk With a Purpose: 2021

On September 16th, students walked around the track outside during the “Save a Life Walk” in CORE to show their support for those that have been affected by suicide in some way.

Ava Boedeker

Lead Photographer

September 29, 2021

Students began to walk with their peers around the track after the first song of the playlist began to play over the loudspeaker.

Mr. Shearer and Mrs. Ferro passed out water to the students as they walked by.

As students walked past, the jumbotron showed statistics and quotes pertaining to suicide.

Students cheer for Coach Gilbert as he spoke to them from the press box.

Seniors Grace Welsh, Alex Arnold, Mabree Humphreys, and Loryn Fry learned more about suicide prevention.

Life Skills students and teachers walked around the track with smiles.

Teachers Mrs. Hasler-Troutman and Mrs. Yoder walked the track with students by their side.

Seniors Serena Pieters, Cole Wolfe, and Alayna Miller walk towards the jumbotron nearing the end of the 12 minute long walk.

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